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Dance Fairies Dance has been described as "the B52's with fairy wings". Everybody that hears it just loves it! Your entire family will want to dance with the fairies. This CD contains ten songs with a total running time of just under forty minutes. The first song is the self-titled theme song "Dance Fairies Dance" which is guaranteed to get your feet moving and bring a smile to your face. All remaining songs continue the positive, up-beat feeling. The call-and-response song "Ayo!" is bound to be a favorite, and the instrumental "Carpet Ride" is perfect for dancing unfettered. "Forever Grateful" and "Planet Rap" deliver a message along with an irresistable dance beat. If you have seen DFD live, this CD is a must-have reminder of that fun show! Listen to samples below.

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Get up and hop to the latest fairy pop! Your toes will start tapping and your wings will be flapping!
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Dance Fairies Dance
Everything's Grand
Paint The Sky Blue
Solitary Fairy
Carpet Ride
Forever Grateful
Planet Rap
I'm So Happy

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