Now you can have fairies in your phone!
Just click on the "FREE" button at the bottom of the page for the phone you have. You will get all the rigntones below in one package. Decompress the .zip file that is downloaded and you're ready to go. For the iPhone, drag the files into iTunes and the new ringtones will show up under "Tones", then click on your iPhone in iTunes and select the ringtones you want on your phone! If you have another type of phone, you'll have to Google for instructions.
Here are the ringtones for you to sample:
(If your browser does not support the in-line player, click the blue play button.)
AYO Intro
Best at having fun
Canon in D
Carpet Ride Hey
Carpet Ride Intro
Dance Fairies Dance
Don't litter
Everything's Grand
Fairies on a summer day
Fairyland Intro
Get up and cheer up
Paint the sky blue
Peace and harmony
Solitary Fairy Intro
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